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2nd runner up Putri Pariwisata Indonesia 2011 Ratna Mariana, Miss Tourism Queen International Indonesia

Miss Tourism Queen International 2011

Miss Tourism Queen Internasional 2011 di Xi’ an Qujiang International Conference and Exhibition Center, Xi’an, Cina, dari tanggal 13 – 29 Desember 2011. World final diadakan 27...

Miss Tourism Queen International 2011

Sepasang Putri Pariwisata Indonesia (PPI) ke ajang internasional, 4th runner up PPI 2010 Natasha Sutadisastra dan 2nd runner up PPI 2011 Ratna Mariana tampil di ajang Miss Tourism Queen...

Sinema Elektronik

Sinema Elektronik This video was made as a parody to Indonesian soap operas (which we call "sinetron" or electronic cinema). These soap operas are shown on almost all national television...

Janji Masa Lalu iMOVIE – trailer

Film indie yang diperankan oleh para musisi yang belajar atau berlagak berakting - HAMI 2010

Janji Masa Lalu iMOVIE (Trailer)

Film indie para musisi yang berlagak menjadi aktor - HAMI 2010